Jayson started swinging magic markers around to KISS Alive! back in 1979. With only a years formal drum tuition in the ten years that followed, Jayson joined Mortification in 1990, recorded four studio albums, one live album and toured Australia extensively.

In 1993 he joined Paramaecium and commenced fulltime study in art and design. Paramaecium's lighter recording and touring schedule was the perfect fit. 'Exhumed of the Earth', 'Within the Ancient Forest' and 'Repentace' followed. Personal commitments moved him onto a break from music for the next few years, ending in the formation of Soundscape with long time friend and guitarist Jason De Ron.

Many rehearsals resulted in a very tight set of progressive instrumental songs which are yet to see an official release. Having thoroughly enjoyed 'Alteration' he feels tremendously privileged to be a part of Altera Enigma in 2007.