Altera Enigma - Alteration

Released in: 2006


After 2 years of work, Altera Enigma’s album ALTERATION is now available. The album contains 9 tracks and over 52 minutes of emotive, fusion-influenced progressive metal.


Alteration's heavy and emotionally charged metal is blended with the complexity of progressive rock and fusion to create a style and sound unique to the band.  The 9 tracks on Alteration range from epic, heavy progressive metal of the song “Enigmatic Alteration” to the Jeff Arwadi written moody, memorable and darkly melodic “Pasivitas Sudut Pandang”. Songs like “Relating The Transformation” and “Through Glass, Darkly” showcase the bands roots in heavy metal while “Fading” is a flowing, soulful instrumental full of conviction and emotion.


Through both instrumental and tracks featuring vocals, Alteration explores the development and change of the human person, in a highly musical, coherent and sophisticated style that will appeal to fans of elaborate, engaging bands such as Liquid Tension Experiment, Gordian Knot or Cynic.


What reviewers are saying about the album:


" The longer you listen to this album, the more absorbed you become. ' NGC 3370 ' for example offers a breath-taking interaction of jazz key boards and Heavy Metal guitars, which is unexpected but works very well! . . . [The song Enigmatic Alteration] holds the listeners attention up to the end . . . and contains great Lead Guitar. This did not surprise me really, because Jason De Ron and Jeff Arwadi are, in my opinion, outstanding artists, who have already proved their talent."

- (Germany)


“I feel this band has great potential to become one of the leaders in the genre. This is very good album that deserves a lot of exposure and is well recommended . . .”

- (America)


"Right from the start you can tell that this disc is different and yet special . . . If you are a big progressive metal or progressive rock fan, you should definitely check this band out. And the lead guitar work...simply breathtaking. It is sometimes like a vocal itself as it pours so much emotion into the songs. These guys (which also includes Kenny Cheong on bass) are almost too talented for their own good. "

90/100 - Whipping Post (America)