Limited perception of unlimited Reality
Perspective lost, hidden boundries
Search through darkness with imperfect vision
We see through glass, darkly


Narrow view of the boundless realm
Where human perception is but a speck
We grasp for truth with hands bound tight
By the limits of human frailty


Our limited mind struggles with creation
that is not restricted by human reach
Acknowleging limit frees the mind to
See the truth beyond our senses


Kebenaran hadir dalam pola pandang
Tapi juga jauh di atas batas jangkau
Tak akan dapat kami rengkuh
Segala lingkup eksistensi


(The truth exists both within our sight,
But also far beyond it's reach
What we know can never be
The sum of all existence.)

Towing the party line

Reporting their spin as fact.
Recycling their propaganda

Enabling their act.

Force-feed us “Press Releases”

Packaged up as news;
Devoid of counter balance
Silencing opposing views

Tugging at the heart-strings
While fogging up the mind.
Manipulation through patriotism
They strive to keep you blind

They view dissension as an evil,
Doubting Government a crime
Your view point changed, their work is done
Through thought control sublime

Talking heads mouthing forceful words,
From agenda driven, biased hosts
Closed eyed pundits spouting narrow views
And hollow patriotic boasts

This is not news, not fair and balanced,
But a biased political tool;
We see this fact; this breaks your hold
We'll no longer be your fool

“If the eternal does not absolutely transform his existence, then he is not relating himself to it.”
-Søren Kierkegaard


I see Eternity; In the clouds, in the soil
In the passing rays of sunlight. And I know I am small
I behold Time; In the ageing, in the ageless
In the passing days and night. And I know that I too shall pass

I look to Wisdom; In the mind, in the soul
In fleeting mortal concepts.And I know I am a fool

I gaze at the Heart; In it's fear, in its hope
In it's passing affections and depth. And I know that they shall pass too

I see Transformation;
Now the mind, soon the flesh,
In the endless life beyond
And I know that it is home

Empat sudut dalam ruang
Tiap satu wakilkan titik pandang
Milikku ada di sana
Tempat ku lihat tiga lainnya


Pasivitas sudut pandang...


Mereka mau di atas
Mengetahui segala
Mungkinkah bisa bila (kita) tak ambil tempat
pada satu sudut dalam ruang?


Kita lakoni permainan absurd, sang gila kuasa
Jadi dewa; multipersepsi dalam disorientasi

Ada yang salah di sini...

Kita tak di sini untuk mengetahui segalanya
Inilah eksistensi manusia
Bagaimana kita saling berbagi, itu yang penting


(English Translation)


There are four corners of a room
Each represents one point of view
Mine is over there
Where I can see the other three


Passivity of standpoint...


They want to take the place above
Knowing everything down below
Any possibility if we don't take
one corner inside the room?


We play the game of the absurd, the thirst of power
Taking the role of god; multiperception in

Something wrong here...

We are not here to know every single thing
This is the existence of mankind
What important is, how we can share to each other.