With all material written, and final takes being laid down, we entered the rehearsal studio to run through new songs. Altera Enigma's music is worked on slightly different to most bands; the music is written demoed and all but finalized before we get together to play. Updated demos are available to all members at all times and we  individually spend time learning, practicing, refining and rewriting whenever we want. So by the time we were ready to rehearse, it was just a matter of running through the songs, tweaking arrangements, experimenting and having fun.

Jayson, Kenny and I have been playing together for a long time, so it all falls into place easily and naturally. The songs sounded the way they were meant to; with Jayson adding his unique (and as always - awesome) approach to each part, and Kenny, well, sometimes I think he has been genetically engineered to play flawlessly all the time!

One of the things I am  looking forward to on this album is showcasing a side of Jayson's playing that hasn't been heard as much by the public as it deserves. He is well known for his technical prowess and intensity and speed, but what people may not have heard as much is his grace and sophistication; things he will show in abundance on the next release. Don't think he won't get to utilize his intensity and great double kick work though; that will be there . . . and how.

Check out our YouTube channel HERE to see some footage of the rehearsal