Time has flown. So much has been going on in our lives that Altera Enigma has had to take a back seat for a while.

 I have been writing and demoing material, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. For a multitude of reasons, getting time to work on Altera has been difficult, but I have taken every (limited) opportunity I can to get some new material created. More importantly we have been planning the musical future of the band; where we go from here, both in terms of style and in distribution & releases.

Stylistically we are not going to release "Alteration 2". In fact, we are moving on from Alteration. Altera is a progressive band, and I define progressive in the literal sense - we 'progress' and we are always trying to grow from what we have done before. There were things on Alteration that we think worked and that we now see as part of the Altera sound, and these will be kept and developed. There are also things that we look back on and think that aren't where we are going and do not want to keep anymore. So the sound of the new material is familiar and, to me, sounds like Altera, but is different enough to keep it interesting for us, and hopefully you.

Now a quick word about Jeff; He has stepped down from Kekal and away from music in general and has decided that his input into our next release will be minimal and needs time away from Altera. I'd personally like to thank Jeff for his involvement in the band; he has been a founding member along with myself and Altera is as much his as mine, and without him there would have been no Altera in the first place. I still take advantage of Jeff's creativity and inventiveness and his ideas for the future will continue shape the sound of Altera.

So where does Altera stand at the moment?

Well there are new songs in various states of completion, from just started to almost finished. And I have mapped out where I want to take the band over the next 12 months or so, and what we would like to achieve. The next objective is to get the material written and recorded. I'm working on that. As for when to expect a new release from Altera Enigma . . . well, the answer is 'when it is done, and not before it is ready'.

The material takes a lot of time to do, and we aren't going to rush it, but the pace will now increase and I will be working more on it. So the plan at the moment is for it to be available sometime 2010. No dates or promises though. But I can promise that Altera is very much alive and that new material is on the way.

 Thank you all for your support of the band over the years, and we really hope that you'll like the future material as much as I am enjoying writing it. Stick around . . . it's going to be fun!